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News from the front

List updated (07/04/12)

The distro list and the second-hand section have been updated. you can order from now.

Albums to come soon (07/04/12)

Two new Weird Anthem Records prods are coming. The third album of Inorcism is being recorded, and we can also announce a new signing with Subterranean Infestation, some Noise/Atmospheric stuff like the soundtrack of an horror movie about what is hiding under our feet. More infos here soon.

News (07/04/12)

Some tapes and albums have been added to the distro list, some other new stuff is to discover in the Second-Hand section.

INORCISM album is out on Weird Anthem Records

The album of french Ritual Black Metal project Inorcism called "The House of the Hung Man" is the first release of Weird Anthem Records. One raw and filthy piece of despair, about 40 minutes in the hell of thoughts.
Artwork has been realized by Svartakaos Art, and the printing of the booklet was done by Ziekte Records. This pro CD-R is now available here in the W.A.R. Prods section.

New albums in the Distro section

Germans of Moredhel and Koreans of Kalpa are now in the distro of Weird Anthem Records.
Moredhel give us some violent high tempo BM on a CD including a Live performance from 2009 and the five tracks from their demo. The Korean of Kalpa have recorded an album of powerful and intense BM, don't miss it.
You'll find these two albums in the Distro section.

Update in the "Second-Hand" section (11/18/09)

Many CDs have been added in the Second-Hand section. Some Old Death, Black, including some cult albums. In the Distro section, Ordo Blasphemus appears with a tape presenting two demos of this Raw Black band.

News from the distro section

Albums from Koltum and Morbid Pest are now available in the Distro Section, you can also check the Mordheim demo-tape.
New stuff to come very soon in the Second-Hand Section.

Soon in the distro list

Some bands will soon have some stuff in distro on Weird Anthem Records, Americans from Jäger, the excellent album of Christicide (tape), Inkisitor, and albums from Morbid Pest and Koltum.
The "art section" will soon be opened, with the work of one or two painters, and some books and maybe some artistic photos. All this, of course, in the domain of dark and extreme arts.

New offers on WARecords

The label now offers to bands, organizers, etc... the possibility to realize their flyers or posters. Also, Weird Anthem Records propose to bands to realize stickers to their name (50mm x 40mm size). Other stuff will soon be available. For more infos, contact us by e-mail.

Inorcism's album delayed

Due to several reasons , the album "The House of the Hung Man" from Inorcism (ritual Black in the Abruptum style) will be published at the end of this year. An album that will be available only on Weird Anthem Records.